2015 Nutrition Conferences

mondelēz international’s participation in the 17th latin american congress of nutrition – a focus on slow-release carbohydrates


From November 8th to 12th 2015, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic hosted the seventeenth session of the Latin American Society of Nutrition (SLAN) meeting. The event, which is held every three years, hosted about 1,200 researchers, health professionals and policymakers from across Latin America. Mondelēz International experts were active during the conference, sharing their expertise in slow-release carbohydrates:

  • Mondelēz International sponsored activities and a booth showcasing Latin American products with wellbeing credentials.
  • Mondelēz International Nutrition Research expert Sophie Vinoy gave a lecture in the scientific symposium “Carbohydrates: nutritional aspects and strategies for inclusion in a healthy diet” chaired by Prof. Angela Zuleta, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She gave a talk on the “Functional effect on glycemic response after consuming cereal-based products high in SDS as part of a balanced breakfast”.
    To learn more about slowly digestible starch and its potential health benefits, read our featured nutrition article about it.
  • Maria Rosa Rabanal, Mondelēz International Nutrition Director for Latin America, in collaboration with Sophie Vinoy, spoke at the symposium entitled “The science of slow release carbohydrates for a moderate glycemic response: the example of belVita within a breakfast”.

The topics of glycemic response and the role of slow-release carbohydrates are being thoroughly investigated by Mondelēz International nutrition teams whose field of expertise includes a global approach starting from in vitro studies and proceeding to clinical studies and health claim applications. Collaborative work with our ingredient and technology experts leads to the development of great expertise in mastering the preservation of the intrinsic properties of starch during the process of developing grain foods with specific health benefits while constantly improving their nutritional composition.

Mondelēz international’s participation in the 12th fens european nutrition conference – a focus on slowly digestible starch and whole grains


Every four years, the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) organizes a European Nutrition Conference. In 2015, the twelfth year of the conference, the event took place in Berlin, Germany from October 20th to 23rd. In total, about 1,700 researchers and representatives from industry, government and health media were present from multiple countries. The main objective of this conference was to combine efforts toward the development of research and education in nutrition sciences and to promote the importance of nutrition for public health in Europe.

Mondelēz International nutrition research and communications scientists had the opportunity to share their expertise:

• We welcomed attendees on Mondelēz International stand and discussed the latest scientific insights, namely slowly digestible starch, wholegrain and satiety.

• The conference was also the opportunity to introduce our Call For Well-being which focuses on four areas where we believe we can make the greatest difference: mindful snacking, sustainability, safety and community. In each of these areas, we outlined specific goals to which we hold ourselves accountable. We continue to make progress toward our goals and to scale our efforts with our partners and suppliers to achieve our commitments to making impactful change.


• We have conducted over twenty years of research into carbohydrate quality and more specifically into starch digestibility in cereal foods and its impact on postprandial metabolic responses. In order to provide the most recent state of the art on slowly digestible starch and its health interest, we organized a symposium entitled "Slow-release carbohydrates – Growing evidence on metabolic responses and public health interest". The forum session was coordinated by Prof. Martine Laville from Lyon University, France.

  • Slowly Digestible Starch: Definition, sources, and recognized interest on glycemic response, Sophie Vinoy, Nutrition Research Group leader, Mondelēz International R&D, France
  • Clinical evidence on the physiological effects of slow-release carbohydrates from cereal foods, Martine Laville, Professor of Nutrition at Medical school in Lyon 1 University and Director of the Human Nutrition Research Centre of Rhône, France
  • Interest of reducing postprandial glycemic response in prevention of metabolic diseases, Edith Feskens, Chair in Nutrition and Health over the lifecourse, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Detailed proceedings and a conference summary report will be published during the first half of 2016. They will be available on this website.

• We co-organized the HEALTHGRAIN FORUM symposium titled "Cereal foods and health – new results and science based nutrition guidelines". The symposium chair was Prof. Gabriele Riccardi, Federico II University, Naples, Italy. This symposium is in line with our public commitment to increase whole grains by an average of 25 percent across our global portfolio by 2020 (from a 2012 baseline). Presentations are available here. The report of the HEALTHGRAIN Forum Session – authored by Margaret Ashwell and Jan Willem van der Kamp – has now been published in Complete Nutrition Vol. 16 No. 1 (Feb/Mar 2016), p86-89.

  • Health benefits of cereal foods and components in our daily diet: an overview, Gabriele Riccardi, Federico University II University, Naples, Italy
  • Cereal fibre and psychological well-being in young and middle-aged adults, Clare Lawton, School of Psychology, University of Leeds, UK
  • Cereal fibre and wholegrain: impact on gut microbiota and health, Nathalie Delzenne, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • Science-based health messages to consumers and effective ways for increasing wholegrain consumption, Inge Tetens, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

• We presented four posters about satiety, slowly digestible starch and glycemic response:

  • Lesdéma A, Piquenot E, Marcuz MC, Vinoy S. 2015. Validity of the performance of a panel trained in satiety assessment on food intake measures.View/download poster.
  • Meynier A, Lambert-Porcheron S, Roth H, Normand S, Laville M, Vinoy S. 2015. Effect of the intake of high-SDS product on metabolic and inflammatory markers in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance.View/download poster.
  • Meynier A, Wolever T, Brand-Miller J, Cazaubiel M, Jenkins A, Atkinson F, Gendre D, Vinoy S. 2015. Inter- and intra-laboratory variability of glycemic and insulinemic indexes.View/download poster.
  • Vinoy S, Goux A, Brack O, Meynier A. 2015. Relationship between in vitro and in vivo approaches on slow appearance rate of starch: a meta-analysis.View/download poster.

Mondelēz international’s participation in the 6th international dietary fiber conference

Every three years, the International Dietary Fiber Conference brings together the worlds of science, industry and regulation around a single objective: providing a wide forum for discussion to gain a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the field of dietary fiber. For the third time, Mondelēz International sponsored the event, which took place in Paris, France from June 1 through 3, 2015. About 250 research academics, nutrition and technology experts, ingredient and equipment suppliers, and food industry representatives participated in this event.

The company offered several activities for this 6th edition:

• Mondelēz International Nutrition, Ingredient and Technology experts welcomed attendees on our stand. They gave them the opportunity to taste our high-fiber biscuits and crackers and find out about the nutrition science behind them. They were available to discuss the latest scientific insights on dietary fibers and answer questions about our scientific publications.

• Along with public health experts, academic nutrition researchers, food industry representatives, ingredient suppliers, Mondelēz International Nutrition Director Michel Infantes took part in a round table discussion on "Dietary fiber – state of the art and future perspectives – views from research, consumers, industry and government". The objectives were to share the key elements of the session to be retained and exchange points of view about fibers.

img 1 2015 Conf

• Mondelēz International Nutrition Research expert, Sophie Vinoy, gave a keynote speech on June 1 as part of the "Consumer and regulatory aspect" session on "High fiber food market, consumer interest and products". In particular she addressed the topic in a three-pronged approach, presenting the market of fibers and whole grain foods, consumer understanding and interest in these products as well as the challenges related to the manufacturing.

• Mondelēz International Nutrition Research expert, Alexandra Meynier, presented a poster dealing with the effect on the glycemic and insulinemic indexes of cereal food products differing by dietary fiber content:

  • Meynier A, Champ M, Chauveau P, Barron C, Saulnier L, Vinoy S. 2015. Impact of wheat fractions differing by their dietary fiber content and incorporated in several cereal foods on their glycaemic and insulinaemic responses.View/download poster.
img 2 2015 Conf

• It is Mondelēz International’s aim to value and encourage innovative and exceptional research. That is why we presented awards to two young researchers for their work at the crossroads of cereal fiber chemistry, technology, food application, and nutrition. We partnered with the ICC (ICC; International Association for Cereal Science and Technology). Professor Angela Zuleta and Professor Charles Brennan as well as researchers from Mondelēz International selected two posters from more than a hundred. The winners are Anita Stefoska-Needham (University of Wollongong, Australia) and Yanan Wang (University of Mannitoba, Canada) for:

  • Stefoska-Needham A, Beck E, Johnson S, Tapsell L. Sorghum flaked breakfast biscuits increase postprandial GLP-1 levels and extend subjective satiety in healthy subjects.View/download poster.
  • Wang Y, Tun HM, Tosh SM, Jones PJH, Ames NP, Khafipour E. 2015. High molecular weight barley β-glucan promotes a favorable human gut microbiota associated with reduction of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors.View/download poster.