About us

We're a passionate team of experts in nutritional sciences and communications. We drive innovation and success through nutrition research.

our purpose

We design, develop and share our innovations in nutrition research through the foods and beverages we create.

As the world's largest snack company, we know we have a critical role to play in empowering consumers to snack mindfully. Everything we do is informed by what we hear from our consumers -- from the ingredients we choose, to the nutrition profile and quality we design -- even how we package and label our foods.

our passion

Nutrition is a priority field of research for Mondelēz International, and a passion for us. We have a talented team of approximately 2,400 scientists (nutritionists, dietitians, chemists and engineers) around the world. And we use a multi-disciplinary approach to explore the health benefits of wholesome ingredients and improve the nutritive quality and profile of our products.

We're proud to answer our company's Call For Well-being -- a call to action for ourselves, our suppliers and partners -- to work together to make a positive impact on the well-being of our planet. Specifically, we're focused on helping to deliver our Mindful Snacking goals. By 2020 we plan to:

  • Grow our Better Choice products to 25% of our revenue
  • Reduce sodium and saturated fat by 10%
  • Increase whole grains by 25%
  • Expand our portion control options (individually wrapped products, 200 calories or less) by 25%

Every day, we turn insights into nutrition innovation at 10 technology centers around the world. As part of our work, we conduct and publish sound clinical research to refine, improve and communicate the intrinsic health benefits of key ingredients used in our products. Our current nutrition research focus areas include: starch digestibility; carbohydrate quality; healthier oils/lipids; proteins; sodium replacers; fibers and whole grains.

We invest in research to develop technology-based solutions to help improve the nutritional profile of our products and better meet the needs of our consumers. Our targeted research initiatives to increase whole grains and decrease sodium and saturated fat in our products will help us to meet our 2020 global nutrition targets. In addition, we have nutrition-based research partnerships around the world with universities, private and academic institutions to help us stay at the forefront of emerging nutrition science.

our portal

We welcome you to explore the Mondelēz International Nutrition Science Corner to learn more about our featured nutrition topics, partnerships, publications and presence at nutrition congresses and conferences around the world!